Wild video reveals deer crashing by means of CBD retailer window

A headstrong stag in Massachusetts could end up on the naughty Santas list after smashing two windows in a health and wellness store.

Footage of Wednesday’s shocking break-in at Hempire in Amesbury shows the animal prancing across Friend Street before plowing through the back window of the store and moments later through the front door.

The deer appeared to fall several feet on its first unauthorized jump into the CBD store – but it came out relatively unscathed after it ran out the front door and broke another pane of glass in the process.

“I just want you to know that the deer returned to the forest safe and sound,” Gina Faro, the store’s general manager and creative director, told the Post on Friday.

The stunned owner of the store received a call from police early Wednesday informing her of the break-in, she told the Daily News of Newburyport.

“I thought it was a prank call,” said owner Kirby Mastrangelo. “I thought it might be a radio show or something. You know it’s Christmas and a deer comes to my store to go shopping. But then the officer said, ‘Ma’am, this really happened and we’ll have some people on standby until you’re down here.’ “

Owner Kirby Mastrangelo said she received a call from police Wednesday morning about the incident. She thought it might have been a joke, but found the broken glass and the security camera footage.WBZ-TV

Mastrangelo said she believed the deer was a deer that ran with a buck nearby.

“There was a buck following the doe and he turned when he saw her jump through the window,” said Mastrangelo. “The doe walked around the back of the shop a bit and then up the front to the exit and she just jumped through the front door.”

Fortunately, the shop was empty at this point and no goods were missing – even if the doe might have needed it later to calm her nerves.

“There’s no missing out on animal CBD, so she didn’t take anything with her on the way out,” joked Mastrangelo. “But it could have been good for her. It could help her recovery. “

Footage of the wild break-in at Hempire, Amesbury, shows the deer prancing across Friend Street before breaking in through the store’s back window.Google Maps

There was no sign that the deer was seriously injured and she eventually ran back to a wooded area, acting police chief Craig Bailey told the newspaper.

“There was hair and blood at the scene, but nothing to suggest the deer would go down for the count,” Bailey said.