With leisure hashish legalized in lots of states, firms are rethinking their drug testing insurance policies.Nationwide information

(Center Square) – Amazon recently removed marijuana from drug testing and is now treating employee marijuana use the same as alcohol. Other companies are also changing their marijuana screening guidelines.

Todd Maish, president and chief executive officer of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, said some companies are definitely relaxed and others are not.

“Almost every company says work-place impairment is unacceptable, but random drug testing of previous uses undoubtedly goes back to many,” he told Illinois radio. ..

But Maish insists that business matters. Many still have solid drug-free policies.

“The main categories here: construction, heavy industry users, and anyone with a federal contract must maintain a strictly drug-free job,” he said. Rice field. “That means we actually see two different approaches, depending on the type of business.”

The pandemic and the associated labor shortage are also contributing to this.

With Illinois’ legitimate recreational marijuana market gaining a foothold during the pandemic, many now hesitate to work for a weed-free company over the weekend. Companies that long for employees are aware of their willingness to change.

Maisch says that there is undoubtedly a connection between the labor shortage and the rapid increase in tolerance of companies with such flexibility.

“I think the labor shortage has definitely accelerated the mitigation process and there is no doubt about that,” he said. “We have long heard that many qualified applicants have not yet passed a drug test and are therefore not offered a position. Safety and State Regulations Unless you are able to mandate a drug-free workplace, that is beginning to change. “

Current legislation protects the right of Illinois employers to set company policies, but Maish expects to be attacked, as in other states like Colorado and Washington. It is said that it is so.

“They tried to undermine the employer’s ability to maintain a drug-free workplace and limit its use in the workplace,” he said.

So far, courts in these states have blocked all attempts, but Mr. Maish said Illinois couldn’t relax.

“We must always be vigilant that recreational marijuana advocates regularly come into the legislature and not seek to undermine the rights of their employers,” he said. ..

He added that they expect these rights to be attacked in the years to come.

With recreational cannabis legalized in many states, companies are rethinking their drug testing guidelines, National News

Source Link With recreational cannabis legalized in many states, companies are rethinking their drug testing guidelines, National News